Meteogram API Token

Obtain an API token to allow you to embed your own custom meteogram in your web page (like this) or on your phone's home screen (via a suitable widget like this).

Just customise the meteogram using the options editor on this page, using the live preview to guide you, and grab the resulting link to use in your own application.

The Starter Plan has a super-simple pay-as-you-go pricing structure:

  • only £0.001 per API call
  • 500 free API calls per month
  • seven-day free trial

Note that if the requested meteogram includes tide data or weather data from certain of the available data providers, two API calls will be charged for each such meteogram request. This is to account for the increased cost of this data compared to other data sources.

Click on the following button to subscribe to the Starter Plan and obtain a token for immediate use. Payment information is required even if you do not expect to use more than the free quota.

If you already have an existing API plan, then clicking above and entering your details again will retrieve and display your existing token; you will not be charged for a second token.

Live Preview

The preview above will auto-update as each option is changed. Bear in mind that the preview is resized to fit into the container, so it will not be the actual size you requested. Use the direct URL to see the full-size meteogram, and also use that as a basis for your own use in other contexts!

Save Settings

Click on the following button to save your settings for future use.

Options Editor

All available options are presented below (click on the arrow icon to expand). As you make changes, this will be reflected in the preview meteogram.

If you require an API token, see the separate panel on this page to obtain one. The demo API token only works for the default location.

Click here to open this page with a few settings changed from their default values, as an example of just how customisable the meteogram is... almost any design is achievable!

Generated Options

These options can, for example, be copied and pasted into the "custom options" field at to use the design there.

Encoded Options

The encoded version of the options can be used directly in a URL without causing problems.

Raw Options

You can also make changes to the options here by editing the values in the editor below and then clicking

Editor Options


This will update whenever the form changes to show validation errors if there are any.


You might also be interested in the DWD API for fetching raw forecast data from the German Weather Service (Deutscher Wetterdienst or DWD).


Donations of any amount are gratefully received and help to support and encourage further development and improvement of the meteogram app and associated resources.

Choose amount

Choose payment method

Pay with PayPal

Your payment is processed by Stripe (for credit/debit cards) or PayPal. To use PayPal you must first have a PayPal account. Both payment processors use secure encryption to keep your details safe: none of your payment information goes through my server. If you donate I can access your email address but will only use it to send you a one-off personal email of thanks.


You can change the schema by pasting a new version below and then clicking


// Set default options
JSONEditor.defaults.options.theme = 'bootstrap2';

// Initialize the editor
var editor = new JSONEditor(document.getElementById('editor_holder'),{
  schema: {
      type: 'object',
      properties: {
          name: { 'type': 'string' }

// Set the value
    name: 'John Smith'

// Get the value
var data = editor.getValue();
console.log(; // 'John Smith'

// Validate
var errors = editor.validate();
if(errors.length) {
  // Not valid

// Listen for changes
editor.on('change',  function() {
  // Do something...